Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Clivening: Part 2

Really, the idea of Clive Palmer backpedalling scares me, if only because the image of Clive Palmer on a bicycle scares me. But it was a small and basically ineffective backpedal. He must have known the reaction his words yesterday, linking the CIA to Austalian Green groups would generate. That's why he said his piece in front of a bank of microphones, rather than simply issuing a release. He wanted this reaction.

Meanwhile, the CIA is denying all knowledge. Greenpeace and the Greens are appalled and amused in equal measure and the LNP has made like a submarine and gone quiet. The Twitterverse is convulsing with laughter and the media is bemused.

Trust Professor Palmer to make a splash.

The question remains, why would someone in Clive's position announce an obviously whacky conspiracy theory? What could he possibly have to gain?

So, looks like Clive's motivation is money. Gosh. *insert shocked expression here*

But what about his undying devotion to the Liberal Party, and now, Queensland's LNP. Could it be ideological? Is he a true believer?

In simple terms, he's looking after the Libs in the hopes that they'll look after him. No-one is being disappointed. Aside from the occasional brain-snap, it's a happy, co-dependent relationship.

So I guess Clive really does have it all...with the possible exception of his sanity. He has his relationship with the LNP to sustain him, and he has his mines to...well...sustain him. Clive Palmer's Hierarchy of Needs is being met in full.

Congratulations Clive.

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