Sunday, March 24, 2013

Men Behaving Badly: Chamberlain Executive

Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one, but it's better that they remain private.

Last night, Joe Waddington, boss at executive recruitment firm Chamberlain Executive and conservative tweeter strayed from his usual anti-Julia Gillard-hating, climate change querying routine to venture into the world of personal insult.

Last night on Twitter, Joe Waddington called journalist and media personality Wendy Harmer "fucking ugly" and suggested that she needs plastic surgery.

Human Resources is a very special area in the world of business; HR practitioners must be absolutely discreet, sensitive and trustworthy, as well as being savvy business operators in a highly competitive space.

Chamberlain Executive's own website - which is linked from Joe Waddington's Twitter profile - makes the following claims:

Joe Waddington, Managing Partner of Chamberlain Executive, has over thirty years’ experience within the human resources consultancy and executive recruitment sector. During this time he has successfully delivered a variety of retained C level assignments throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim.

Joe is personally involved in ensuring the successful delivery of executive recruitment assignments and strategic consulting for a variety of clients, whilst also offering an ongoing career management service to individuals.

Chamberlain Executive is committed to providing uncompromising, discreet and dedicated support to ensure every clients objectives are achieved on each and every occasion."

Perhaps Joe Waddington and his team are discreet and professional in their business dealings. His comments regarding Wendy Harmer were neither discreet nor acceptable from anyone, and particularly not from anyone who makes their living in the 'people business'. His comments about Ms Harmer were so vile that even noted right-wing tweeter @Correllio backed away from them.

After copies of the offensive tweets started flying around Twitter last night, Mr Waddington started to block people who criticised his tweets. In fact, he blocked me, so it's been difficult to follow what has happened in the last 12 hours or so. Regardless, he should know that the Internet is forever. I suspect the offensive tweets have been deleted, but screenshots of the now-infamous tweets are easily available.

Right now, my role does not involve executive recruitment, but plenty of the people I interact with on social media could be needing the services Chamberlain Executive offers. I suggest you think before retaining Chamberlain: however glossy they may look on the outside, what are they thinking? Just how professional are they, if their Managing Partner thinks its appropriate to call anyone "ugly" on a public forum? If he would say this about Ms Harmer, what might he say about you, your staff and your business...and where might he say it?


  1. The twerp Waddinton has not only shot himself in the mouth but killed his recruitment business totally. I mean who would deal with a so called 'executive' who is so unprofessional.
    Not me or anyone I know!.

  2. Thank you ...for exposing this, now irrelevant, recruitment business.His the kind of recruitor that probably wouldn't hire Stephen Hawking ,because he has a problem with the communicating his ideas .What a twitt.

  3. Waddinton has showed all how "ugly" he really is..NO plastic surgery will fix the issues he has.

  4. Two words: Di@k Wadd

  5. Looks like his website got hit by a denial of service or perhaps so many people went to look at it that his download limit was exceeded at his service provider. Good.

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