Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Favourite Tweety Things

There's not a lot more that anyone can say right now about sexism, discrimination, misogyny, or the role of the media in reporting it. I have my own views on that, and I daresay those thoughts will form themselves into a blog sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I get to say I told you so. Bernard Keane's take in Crikey is worth a look, if you're interested in why the media covered the demise of Mr Slipper while the rest of us clung to the story about Ms Gillard as the news of the day.

It's interesting to note that not one of the women I work with has mentioned Peter Slipper this week, but I can't count the number of conversations I've heard about Julia Gillard. Two of my co-workers who go out of their way to avoid anything political are fascinated. One asked me how to spell misogyny, and the other asked what it meant.

Most women seem to like what The Prime Minister had to say to Mr Abbott - even those who are rusted on conservative values voters. It reminds me a little of the pride so many women felt the day after Ms Gillard seized the Prime Ministership. Not too many liked the way she had done it, but we were so proud to have a woman at the top.

For now, while my thoughts untangle themselves, here are a few of the tweets I've seen in the past month that I marked as favourites.

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