Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Night Sillies

There were Two Politicians at Parliament House
And one of them was Bad and the other was Grouse.
Julia kept busy, counting the votes;
While Tony kept chanting Stop the Boats.

They lived in Can'bra the weather was hot,
And one of them was Good, and the other was Not.
Julia promised a Carbon Tax,
Gina wanted to own Fairfax.

They lived in Can'bra when the weather was cold,
And they Did, and they Didn't Do, what they were told.
Julia struck a deal with Bob;
Tony was stuck with Andrew Robb.

They argued and bitched with Swanny & Joe;
And one said "Yessir" and the other said "No!"
Julia brought us the NBN,
Tony's still counting to...eleventy-ten?

Craig Thomson sobbed - they all went mad.
Nothing got better and the polls got bad.
Australia's economy is all straight A's,
But Tony knows: negativity pays.

Julia failed the asylum seekers-
Tony became a friend of Latika's(?)
Julia's offside with unions and greenies;
Slipper's offside with everyone. Meanies!

Leadership worries, Julia triumphed.
Turn back the boats, Tony harrumphed.
Marriage Equality, begged Penny Wong.
Now Malcolm admits that Tony's wrong.

There may be a Moral, though some say not;
I think there's a moral, and I think I know what.
They've forgotten to govern, they just want to win.
Kevin and Malcolm? All is forgiv'n!
Clive Palmer versus Katter and Labor's woes...
Julia's PM, but just by a nose.

With most humble apologies to A.A.Milne

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  1. Ah, that is very well done. A credit to you and A.A.M.