Monday, February 6, 2012

The Fun Theory

Watch this one minute video. No really, watch it. You'll enjoy it.

Now, here's your challenge. What do we need to change (politics, behaviours, media, attitude) and how do we make that fun?

Okay,  two questions. Leave your answers below.


  1. Thanks for sharing Sal. I think we need to change the politics of cynicism. How do we make it fun? Hmm. The stakes are so high. Harder to explore but I did in my blog recently. :-) Basically we give the parties, unions, interest groups etc. animal mascots just like sporting teams. That way we could have much more engaging and entertaining commentary.

    "A delegation of Cows (Meat and Livestock Workers) met with the Goats of the Labor Party to tell them that quote ; "They would not be Seude"."

    Animals might also be more likely to be described in terms of actions rather than thoughts or feelings.

  2. The Americans already do that, with their GOP and Dems - Donkeys and Elephants. The puns are delightful, but unfortunately, they don't elevate the level of debate. I saw on Faux News over the weekend some Americans having a real whinge about the Republican candidates...and then admitting that they never vote anyway.